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How it works

Submit your request with your criteria like budget, urgency or any other details of your requirement, there are no limitations

View responses from the best matching service providers and initiate further discussion using the chat system

Select the service provider who best fits your budget and need

Features & Benefits For People

It's free and simple! Request for a service at your own terms and conditions in less than 2 minutes. View responses from service providers and choose the one who best fits your need. Build connection with friends and service providers.

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Features and Benefits For Service Providers

View and respond to requests from people. Get instantly notified when a new request comes in the queue. Respond to request and use the chat system to discuss with the requester.

Build connection with potential clients. Get rated and reviewed for your service and build a strong profile to gain trust from future client.

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About us

We aim to provide people a platform to connect with service providers in the following sectors

  • Property agents to help you find a house to rent or buy.
  • Financial advisor for investment, insurance and savings plan.
  • Personal trainer for weight loss, body building, muscle toning.
  • Food catering service.
  • Handyman for plumbing, electrical and repair services.
  • Part time and full time Domestic helper from maid agency and freelancer.
  • Event planner for wedding and event management.
  • Aircon servicing.
  • Beauty services.
  • Interior designing.

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