Let me share an evening of my life with you. It was a bad day at office and I reached home being very tired and hungry. I threw myself on the bed. It was very hot, so I took my A.C. remote to switch it on but it did not get started. I tried again, but no luck. I was pretty sure that the batteries had drained out and it needed a new pair. Quickly, I changed the batteries and went back to switch on the Aircon. To my surprise, neither did it operate this time!

What happened! It was working even last night! To check the new batteries I went to switch on the A.C. of my living room and it worked with the same remote!
I understood, the problem was with my Aircon and not the remote. The first thing that came in my mind was I cannot sleep if the Aircon does not work and immediately I grabbed my phone to search for an Aircon servicing agency. Most of my calls went unattended as it was already late and the ones which were answered had the same response saying that I need to get an appointment first and none were available till the next few days. So the next 3 nights, my sofa in the living room became my bed, leaving me with a neck pain.

Finally I could get an appointment of an Aircon servicing agency. I had no other option but to take a leave from work that day and stay at home. The following is the experience I had when the workmen came to fix my A.C.
- I was told they would come at 11:30 a.m. but they came at 2:15pm.
- The workmen were clumsy with their behavior and work.
- They were not handling the A.C. parts with care.
- They left my toilet and the walkway full of dust.
- I was told that the condenser coil has to be replaced as it was completely damaged due to lack of servicing.
- They informed me that it would cost around $1000 and my A.C. could only be fixed after replacing it.
After they left, I sat on my couch only to ponder, this whole episode, since last 4days could have been completely avoided! This experience also made me realize the amount of hassle I went through while searching for an agency… their price quotations, terms & conditions, problem of getting an emergency appointment, unsure of what exact kind of service I was looking for etc.
While sharing my experience with my colleagues the next day, I had an eye opener again! It was not only me who faced such a problem. So that means, here in Singapore there might have been many such households or offices who have faced similar struggles of finding a good Aircon servicing agency.
All being said let me confess; my personal experience and knowledge about similar issues faced by many residents of Singapore pushed me to incorporate Aircon services in StringsSG.

All you need is to:

Singapore and humidity goes hand in hand. The climatic conditions are such that we have Aircons everywhere, at home, shopping malls, at work. The problem is we fail to realize the importance of its servicing and hence neglect it till we face some severe issues.
So, before you make a permanent damage to your highly used Aircon, get connected with StringsSG and help us to help you for a comfort living. So what are you waiting for? StringsSG is just a click ahead!
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